H-2142 Nagytarcsa, Csonka János utca 4. "K" épület  Tel./Fax: 06-1/403-5691 info@inducon.hu

Inducon Bt. - D&B Diamond Certificate


Our company stands for solving ad-hoc brand- independent repairs and maintenance with over head price in all part of Hungary. The professional knowledge of our colleagues ensure for us the possibility to troubleshoot in time.......MORE


In the beginning our target was the refurbishing of the equipment’s subassemblies and constructions back to factory condition.For a long time we have been trying to increase all the refurbishing project the machines’s technological ......MORE


In the beginning our company was established to solve industrial automatic problems in 1989. Our main activity was to make machine tools’s driving controls with computer. In that time the additional automatic was well-tried technology ....MORE


Inducon Bt is the official agent of italian IMESA laundry equipments in Hungary, which presents a wide variety of models to suit all types of market requirements. We sales dry cleaning machines of German Böwe GmbH and we are also .... MORE



We deals with sales of different type of mashines from different manufacturers, which are available in our catalogue.One part of the used mashine was refurbished by us and you are able to see them in our site in Budapest.....MORE






We can deliver immediately one part of our spare parts from our warehouse. In our bids are cloting heated for chest ironers, marking tapes, belts, bedcleaner, springs, cleanpaste, wax, guide tapes….....MORE



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