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After 25 years   of  experience  we can say that the most important thing is the short-term

troubleshooting for most of the laundries, and this way reducing the time when the machine is not useable.

Solving fast and precisely the faults aren’t unknown task for us, which can be seen through our long

term contracts with more 5-star hotels.

Our company stands for solving ad-hoc  brand-independent repairs and maintenance with overhead

price in all part of Hungary.

The professional knowledge of our colleagues ensure for us the possibility  to troubleshoot in time.

In particular cases the replacement of disabled parts, what happen with installing of a product which


has the same quality as the manufactoring,  can be an optimal solution for the operator.

We don't tend to install expensive and difficultly purchased factory parts!

The condition of the best quality appliances also need to be protected and be regulary maintenanced.

The necessary period of the maintenance can be various, which depend on:                 

  • machine type
  • performance
  • manufacturer policy
  • operating time
  • age
  • etc.


There is a possibility to sign an overhead price contract, which suits to our customer’s requirement.

According to this the frequency of the maintenance period can be annual, half-yearly, or monthly.

After reporting a fault we are able to handle within 24 hours, and in important cases – at the charge of

additional fee – immediate service is also available.

We provide according to the law 12-month garantee for the purchased and installed parts by us and also

for the performed work.


Reporting the fault:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

06 1 403 56 91

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